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Hey there!

My name is Meagan Tallent, I am a recent bride from the Nashville area and I believe that the moments you choose to celebrate should be the most beautiful moments.

✨Here are some fun facts about me:

-Palomas are my favorite drink, anything combining grapefruit + lime is a winning combo for me!

- "Whatever happens" in my hometown "stays" in my hometown
- My house is almost 100 years old and we are restoring it to its original glory!

- I am an enneagram 3 wing 2 which basically means I thrive when given people-centered tasks and love hosting

- I'm a sucker for a Matcha Latte and any fruity candy or spicy chip

My job is to make the planning process something that you'll look back on and be so grateful for. I absolutely love getting to know my clients and their families and individually curating events to represent who they truly are. I can be as uninvolved or as hands-on as you're comfortable with! Whether you have a general idea but need some direction and help the day of or if you want to completely hand it over to someone else, I've got your back! 

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